End Game is on a mission to put people at the center of the marketing universe.

We find your customers.

End Game is a partnership of growth-obsessed data analysts, technology leaders, and problem-solvers who grow businesses through customer-led marketing. 
We listen to your customers.

We go beyond demographics to discover who your most important audiences are, what matters to them and why. We uncover what customers do, say, believe and want. And we help grow your business by engaging with people who take action.

Jackie Price is the Founder & Maverick Leader of End Game, an integrated network of smart people and smart technology companies working together to take the guesswork out of marketing and communications.  Jackie and End Game deliver smarts and science on-demand for agencies and companies that want to understand customers and audiences, engage them through highly relevant conversations, predict their behavior, uncover new product opportunities and contribute to bottom-line business growth. 

Prior to founding End Game, Price lived in Asia and across the USA, leading communications and marketing programs as a senior executive at Edelman and WPP, two of the largest marketing organizations in the world. In addition, she was formerly a media strategist for Vice President Al Gore and an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist at CBS News and Hearst Broadcasting. 

Jackie can be found working, playing and living in Tampa, Florida.

“Customer-led marketing puts people, not products, at the center of the universe. Because people make or break every business.”

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